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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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@ C.E. Evans

Rewatched the scene from "The Naked Now" with (UK) DVD subtitles the other night which read "The Starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk". Apparently, the subtitle editor also had issues with Constitution Class, as the correct quote refers, indeed, to "Constitution Class" (NCC-1701-A?). Sorry 'bout that.

Yes, everyone else seems to accept it, but it is obvious there are other interpretations - and these are not without reason.

Where you are mislead, IMO, is to think that "personal conjecture" has anything to with it, it is a question of respect for the people that created Star Trek.
Actually, that's where you're mislead. Star Trek is the result of many different creators, each one fleshing out its universe as it goes along. It's always been a collaborative and steadily unfolding effort, with sometimes later material supplanting earlier material (at times, by the same creators).

It's been officially established that the original Enterprise, NCC-1701, was a Constitution-class starship. She may not have been referred to as such in actual dialogue in TOS, but even as far back as 1966's "Space Seed," that was the name that was ultimately given for her design and it was finally confirmed in dialogue a couple of decades later in both TNG and DS9.
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