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Re: Was Roddenberry a Terrible Writer?

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Let's not discount TV-movies too much. I can think of plenty of TV-movies that are better remembered than a lot of now-forgotten feature films.

Just in the last few weeks, pretty much every obituary and tribute to the late Karen Black mentioned her battle with the Zuni fetish doll in Trilogy of Terror. And need I mention The Night Stalker and a certain Carl Kolchak? Or Steven Spielberg's Duel?

And that's just the genre stuff. Films like The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman or That Certain Summer or Go Ask Alice were all very big deals at the time--and are still remembered today.

And, of course, there's the future classic that is Sharknado . . .
Serious yin and yang with those TV movies of the 70s. You had A CASE OF RAPE, which was just incredible, and then you had IT COULDN'T HAPPEN TO A NICER GUY, with Paul Sorvino forced at gunpoint to have sex with Joanna Cameron (ISIS, for those old enough to remember that particularly sexy siren, who I think was also in GR's PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW and, going by his Merv Griffin show appearance back then, she was somebody Clint Eastwood was clearly enamored of. How I remember this stuff, I just don't know.)

The most important thing I can say about TV MoW in the 70s (outside of 'keep an eye out for 'WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ROSEMARY'S BABY), wold be to declare I think PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS should be required viewing for everybody on the planet ... a video store up here actually used to have a copy on VHS that I'd dutifully re-rent every year, but some jerk stole it, so I'm jonesing for that great teamup of William Shatner and Andy Griffith and Marjoe Gortner and Robert Reed (to say nothing of Louise Sorel and Angie Dickinson), which is the cheesiest fun this side of ACTION JACKSON for me.
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