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Re: Continuity in star trek?

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Like Kirk having relationships all over the place and they're never mentioned again after. It gives the show a slight cartoonish feel to it.
Which relationships are you referring to? The past lovers, such as Ruth, Janet Wallace, and Carol Marcus? Because why would they be mentioned regularly?

Or are you referring to the numerous women Kirk reputedly seduces in TOS? Because all those incidents were duty-related and absolutely not "relationships".
With just the sheer number of encounters it would have been hard not to mention at least some of them again.

Areel Shaw the lawyer- semi serious relationship

Janice Lester - serious relationship

Carol Marcus --serious relationship that produced a son he knew about

Miramanee-- he married her, lived with her several months, and almost had a child with her.

Edith keeler--fell deeply in love

Elaan of Troyus--seduced Kirk with a special bonding pheromone in her tears--no cure for it.

Rayna, the Android --he fell head over heels in love with her. Granted, Spock erased the memory of her from his mind, (it was so strong) but even if Kirk kept the memory of her, who wants to bet she would have been mentioned again?

Deela may have very well have had offspring with Kirk.

TNG was a little better, although it did some of the same things.

Picard reunited Vash. Riker remembered Minuet. Worf reunited K'ehlar.

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That was just Kirk being Kirk.
It's so funny--I cant even begin to add all the women Kirk either seduced, had a relationship with, seduced Kirk. Add the movies and the number jumps a bit.

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I was never a big fan of serialized shows, because you had to watch them every week in order to keep up. You could miss one episode, and be completely in the dark about what's happening over the next few weeks. This is the problem I had with DS9 and ENT.
It does get confusing.

But one of the things that I eventually discovered that I liked about watching serialized shows, is the fun of trying to figure out who's who and whats happening.

When I first watched TNG reruns (no DVDs) I thought Cmder Riker was the same character as Captain Thadiun Okona because they kind of look similar. (As stupid as that sounds )

It made no sense that he was not part of Starfleet, but then suddenly he's the second in command of the Enterprise, so I had to wait and re-watch to figure it all out.

The same thing with DS9, Enterprise, Spartacus, Clone Wars,Game of Thrones etc.

Watching a serialized show right in the middle of it running is kinda fun if you look at that way.
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