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Re: Was Roddenberry a Terrible Writer?

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Except TV movies as a genre seem to have become very rare in the US, except for some cable stuff like Lifetime movies and Syfy's weekly monster B-movies. You never see them on the networks anymore. Even 2-hour pilot episodes seem less common these days. I think the niche once occupied by TV movies has been displaced by direct-to-video.
Oh, on the networks the TV movie is a dead form. On basic cable it's pretty limited to Lifetime (unsurprising, since TV movies have been targeted at adult women for decades) and SyFy (and a fair portion of the movies there are straight-to-DVD fare that the network licensed for broadcast).

But on premium cable (especially HBO, but also Showtime -- not sure if Starz has gotten into the business yet) the TV movie is an important and growing part of programming.
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