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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

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All of them. I've got the movie box set, but the only ones I reach for to re-watch is Khan and the Undiscovered Country.

I'd rather watch The Final Frontier than sit through Generations.

that's just amazing to me. I've been on these boards a while, and I still don't get the "Generations" hate. It's not up there with my favorites, but it's solid and enjoyable, and about right in the middle of the pack.

TFF is just a mess.
It sure is. A beautiful mess that happens to have some of the best Kirk-Spock-McCoy interplay since the series. Generations is a bore.
The problems with TFF are superficial, like bad fx, and studio forced comic relief (that doesn't really work well).

I think the acting is excellent though, and every actor in that film did a great job of turning a turd script into a very watchable film.

I also love the concept (the search for God) and the score is incredible. It has some of my favourite Trek music in it.

I can honestly say TFF is my favourite TOS movie.
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