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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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It had to be more than 100 fans were polled in that worst Star Trek movie poll or else it wouldn't have been news. Most Star Trek fans don't like the reboot franchise, like it or not.
No, as I understand it, it was only about a hundred fans. The media made too much of it because "Fans Hate New Movie!" is a much better headline that "Fans Have Wide Ranges of Opinions Regarding New Movie." (A similar poll, held at a Seattle convention a few weeks later, yielded very different results.)

And can we please drive a stake through this stubborn myth that "most" Trek fans don't like the reboot? Hell, the endless debates on this very board prove that isn't the case.

The "fans" have never spoken with one voice and they never will. And the people who adamantly reject the reboot are a vocal minority at best. Like it or not.
It's not a myth, I see people bash the reboot all of the time. I've personally seen countless people bashing this version of Trek. Too many to count.
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