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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Return to the original timeline and continue exploring new worlds and civilizations. That's gotta be better than reliving previous encounters like TWOK. Even Star Wars didn't retread over already established incidents. I don't 100% agree with STID being the worst Star Trek movie but it definitely isn't the best. It had to be more than 100 fans were polled in that worst Star Trek movie poll or else it wouldn't have been news. Most Star Trek fans don't like the reboot franchise, like it or not. The merchandise market reflects that as well, there are very few reboot related items. Most current Star Trek merchandise is based on the prime universe. Playmates did make toys for the first movie and they did not sell at all, in fact if you visit toys r us you can still find various items from the movie on the shelves that have been rotting for 2+ years. The reboot franchise is on the decline, it will probably be dead in a couple of years.
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