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Re: Wolverine & The X-Men (cartoon)

I'm confused about the 90s rip off show. Are you talking about the Generation X TV movie? That was an adaptation of a marvel comic featuring mutants and related to the X-Men, so it wasn't a rip off (it did suck, but to me is so bad its entertaining, seeing Emma frost use her powers to open a real portal to physically go into the dream world still makes me laugh, and Matt Frewer is an awesomely goofy crazy villain). The comic wasn't a rip off either(more of a spin off, I guess) and I actually enjoyed the comic, it was much better than the tV movie. It did have mutant kids being taught by Emma Frost and banshee, but in comics thats not really a rip off, any more than Green Lantern Corps is a rip off of Green Lantern or Uncanny Avengers is a rip off of avengers, its just another book in the X-men franchise. That said, knowing the 90's there could be more crappy live action stuff like x-men that I'm not aware of.

As for the 90's X-men animated series, I think it stil lholds up as a great show. It has its flaws, like some if the more extreme censorship that existed at the time (I'm pretty sure that the old X-men and Spider-Man cartoons couldn't even say the word kill, while W&TXM uses it whenever it wants, even if Wolverine is still not allowed to stab people) but it has a lot of good stories and the characters are still entertaining (although Jubilee is probably still a character most either won't care about or will just dislike). X-men evolution I've only seen a few episodes of, but it was bland, had pretty terrible costume (and sometimes character) designs, and had a pretty lame Wolverine voice actor, too. The voice actor thing isn't quite fair because Steve Blum has set a bar that I don't think anyone will pass, like Kevin Conroy with Batman or Mark Hamil with Joker, but the 90's Wolverine is still pretty good, probably the second best after Blum. That said, compared to the one shot cartoon from the 70's (Pryde of the X-men) that had Wolverine with an Australian accent, Evolution's Wolverine wasn't terrible, just lame compared to the guys who voiced him before and after.
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