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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Just remember, you're talking with other "aviatic buffs" here as well, like me. And I still disagree.
No need to start making threats or bring in "the argument of authority" as heavy artillery. Okay, you still disagree, but I'm not exactly sure which parts you disagree with.

Or do you seriously want to suggest that a Pan American pilot who actually flew the Connie and an aviator who created the Enterprise in the early 1960's would have ever referred to the Starship Enterprise as "Connie"?

@ C.E. Evans

Rewatched the scene from "The Naked Now" with (UK) DVD subtitles the other night which read "The Starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk". Apparently, the subtitle editor also had issues with Constitution Class, as the correct quote refers, indeed, to "Constitution Class" (NCC-1701-A?). Sorry 'bout that.

Yes, everyone else seems to accept it, but it is obvious there are other interpretations - and these are not without reason.

Where you are mislead, IMO, is to think that "personal conjecture" has anything to with it, it is a question of respect for the people that created Star Trek.

The dialogue from "Bread and Circuses" puts emphasis on the fact that "starships" are the top-of-the-line class of Federation vessels, hence "Starship Class". And according to Bob Justman and The Making of Star Trek apparently not just to "Starship Class" but to "Enterprise Starship Class".

Just because this has been constantly ignored doesn't make it vanish into thin air. It's a coherent and continous red thread that began in The Making of Star Trek, continued with the official TMP Blueprints ("new Enterprise Class") and finally saw a visual proof in the form of the "Enterprise Class" bridge simulator in ST II.

Apparently, this whole name class crazyness really started with TNG. For all I care they could have invented a Ukulele Class but for me that didn't overwrite what had been established before. I don't ignore canon, I just don't accept revisionism at the expense of the canon that came first, its original creators or any original artist for that matter.

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