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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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You don't happen by any chance to be biased after you've seen blssdwlf's beautiful size comparison suggesting the Oberth Class scouts to be "mid-size" vessels?
Haha, nope.

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The model was featured to be 120 meters long in one of the most beautiful Star Trek VFX scenes I could possibly think of.
So we just disregard that?
Which scene was that?

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Admittedly, chances are high that the ILM VFX artists did notice the docking ring decal on the Pegasus which should have told them a thing or two. But apparently they decided to go with the scale first "established" by one of heir own (Nilo Rodis).
Well, if that original scale diagram was accurate, then indeed it is 120 meters... but I'm thinking he intended both to be larger, hence the rows of windows on the Oberth saucer that don't line up with the established decks of a 120 meter ship.

Further, I'm fairly certain that the docking port was indeed added later, towards the filming of "The Pegasus," as a way to establish the newer larger size. It seems apparent based on Mr. Jein's wrecked Vico vs. production's Vico MSD that various people had different ideas about just what size the bird was. It seems plausible that the model team might have tried to force the issue by including the scale dock as visusal "proof" that the ship was larger.

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Here I'm rather confident that the large NCC registry on the engineering pod of Grissom and Copernicus indicates a smaller size.
The size of the lettering itself?

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A ship of riddles it is, indeed.
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