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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

"Predictions for season 2"

I SOOOOO don't agree with #3!!!!!!!!!!

Or #1, regarding the "revenge in mind"

or #5 regarding Tiffany getting transferred. I don't think TPTB will transfer someone upgraded to series regular.

and I don't care if #4 is true of not.

I DO care whether we see MORE of Gloria Mendoza next year. (Current Tsar of the kitchen.)

Oh, I looked at her other pieces written on the show on this website...and my opinion is "eh". Take em or leave em.

My biggest disagreement is her "take on the men" in the show being universally painted as "bad".

The superhero, of course, is Miss Claudette's Jean Baptiste.

I like (the writer does not) Brother Calvin Chapman.

Polly's husband, Peter Harper, seems like a good sort.

There are a number of male guards, white and black in the background, that seem to be doing their jobs without selling drugs to the prisoners OR having sex with them. The only guy who's name I know is Donaldson who rescued Piper from Tiffany in the shower confrontation.


Ohhhh, THIS is MUCH more fun!

I like them all, but my favs are # 8, 10, 12!

While #24 just makes me want to weep.


A supposedly cut flashback from the pilot.

If true, I wonder if they'll recycle it for next year?
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