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Re: DS9 Episodes That Would Work on TOS

"Starship Down" - The Enterprise is heavily damaged while chasing a Klingon battle cruiser inside the atmosphere of a gas giant. The incident sees Kirk seriously injured, Spock and Christine Chapel trapped below decks, and Scotty receiving advice from McCoy about how to improve the efficiency of his engineers. Meanwhile, Cyrano Jones and an angry Ambassador Sarek are forced to defuse a Klingon torpedo that lodges in the outer portion of the ship's primary hull.

"Rules of Engagement" - Sulu finds himself under fire after he mistakenly destroys a Klingon civilian freighter while in command of the bridge. A Klingon attorney (played by John Shuck) argues that Sulu be turned over to Klingon authorities for trial. Sulu's actions are investigated by Kirk and Spock, who were absent at the time of the alleged incident.

"For the Cause" - Kirk agrees to send industrial replicators to outlying Romulan colonies following an ecological disaster. The Enterprise arranges a rendezvous with a Romulan BOP only to discover that Lt. Stiles has commandeered the vessel and plans to use the replicators himself. Kirk vows he will track Stiles down if it takes him the rest of his career.

"For the Uniform" - Kirk finally catches Stiles after the latter attacks another Federation vessel and damages a Romulan cargo ship.

"Waltz" - more of a "What If?" episode. Kirk decides to check on Khan's progress only to discover that Ceti Alpha VI has exploded and shifted the orbit of the system's fifth planet. Kirk beams to the surface to investigate but becomes stranded when a mysterious figure assaults him and hides the captain in a nearby cave. The figure is none other than Khan. A wounded Kirk confronts Khan about his actions while in power on Earth and also aboard the Enterprise a few years earlier. The former is rescued after Spock takes a shuttle to the surface and surprises Khan.

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