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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I think the simplest conclusion is that 120 meters was an erroneous figure and should not have been used.
You don't happen by any chance to be biased after you've seen blssdwlf's beautiful size comparison sugesting the Oberth Class scouts to be "mid-size" vessels?

The model was featured to be 120 meters long in one of the most beautiful Star Trek VFX scenes I could possibly think of.
So we just disregard that?

Admittedly, chances are high that the ILM VFX artists did notice the docking ring decal on the Pegasus which should have told them a thing or two. But apparently they decided to go with the scale first "established" by one of heir own (Nilo Rodis).
I can't decide who's been rubbed the wrong way. As the "creator" of the Grissom Rodis was probably not too excited seeing his baby grow that large as in TNG. On the other hand the new scale was established by quantity of screen time etc. in TNG the guys at ILM should have considered - for a TNG movie!

Praetor wrote: View Post
It did not fit particularly well with the original details of the model, nor particularly well with the way the model was depicted in TSFS.
I thought that the lack of surface details to reliably tell us the scale was the major problem.

Here I'm rather confident that the large NCC registry on the engineering pod of Grissom and Copernicus indicates a smaller size.
We are still uncertain what the stern opening of the pod is for (at 120 meters it could still be a propulsion exhaust nozzle) and the saucer lights are confusing and misleading at best, IMHO:

Assuming these are standard sized windows makes the ship bigger beyond credibility because of the contrast to the featureless pod.

Assuming these are tiny portholes could work for three decks in the saucer, but would still beg explanation for the central domes. Regarding these I'm wondering if these could not be sensor openings covered by a metal dome.
After all, the TOS Enterprise had glowing domes and what we see here may be the same kind of dome, just mostly covered up.

A ship of riddles it is, indeed.

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