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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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Let's just replace the word "reset" with some random technobabble. Will that make everyone happy? LOL. Honestly, whether or not what happened is a "reset" is completely irrelevant to my feelings on what happened. So if you say it's not a "reset," Kara, that's perfectly fine by me.

By the way, I finished watching "Basics, Part II" on my lunch break. I thought the struggles on the planet (the cavemen, the monster of the week, the baby) were all kind of pointless, except for showing how awesome Janeway is in survival mode. But I loved the scenes of the Voyager landing and the music gave me warm and fuzzies. I thought Darwin had a decent death scene, but I wish they kept him around because I found him interesting. I'd say Part I was far and away a better episode.
So since at the end of the episode they're all back on Voyager as if nothing happened, this is a reset episode too?
Here's the difference for me. At the end of "Basics, Part II," the crew got their ship back, the bad guys had to limp away, Seska was killed, the ship didn't have an unusal amount of damage and they move on. The only thing that remains is Chakotay's baby may have survived, and perhaps that will come up in a future episode, or perhaps not. We shall see. But based on the ending, I have no expectations for immediate continuity into the next episode.

At the end of "Deadlock" however, the ship is in shambles, the deck 15 breach had widened to encompass a part of deck 14, 632 micro-fractures are all over the hull, all primary systems are offline, the antimatter levels are at 18 percent and continuing to fall, the warp coils in both nacelles are fused and inoperative, and it's going to take them 3 days just to be able to return to the bridge. Sure repairs were "underway," but there is no way they could warp away immediately, they're very close to Vidiian space and the ship is effectively disabled. Again, they're very close to Vidiian space! So my expectations were that the next episode would deal with the dilemma of still trying to make a dent in the excessive repair list they're facing while trying to avoid the Vidiians, or perhaps encountering the Vidiians and running into some danger there, being forced to negotiate for some parts they need to make repairs, or something to pick up where they left off. There was potential for that at least. Instead, in the next episode they've conveniently gone beyond Vidiian space and the ship is already 100% tip top. So that's not a "reset" based on your definition (and that's fine, just forget the word "reset"), but it was just disappointing to me based on what the writers could have done based on where they were at the end of "Deadlock." There was so much potential for a really good continuation there. That's the difference for me. And as I have acknowledged, this happens in every Trek. I'm just expressing the simple disappointment I felt based on the potential in this case that was wasted in my view. I hope that at least clears up what was going through my head when I made my original post.
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