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You see, burning his house down WAS Jesse's attempt to involve Walt's family. Involving Walt's family is not his next play, because he refers to it as where he "Really Lives". Besides, Hank would never go along with anything that involved Walt's family, if he's to be involved in the next play

The most important thing to Walt is to control everything. I think Jesse will take that away from him, which is really going to set this things off
and I just figured out Jesse's play. He'll do the one thing no one expects him to do. He'll go back in the meth business. Todd, his uncle, & Lydia will jump at the opportunity to have him back in lieu of Heisenberg himself, and so will Hank & the DEA. Take down Heisenberg's whole network. Send them all to prison, including Saul's gang. That's how you get to the top of the food chain

It might even give us one last glorious shot at a dazzling meth cook sequence. This will hit Walt where he truly lives, and kick start the final blowout
No chance in hell.. Hank would never go for it.

As crude and off the record as Hank can be at times he would never willingly participate in illegal activities. He knows he might have a chance to save his career by playing the right move.. being accessory to a drug business isn't one of them.

Also building up a competing drug business would just take to much time and we only have four episodes left so i just don't see the writers cooking up this storyline in 2 episodes. It will be something very devious and/or violent.
You got me all wrong. He will go back to the Heisenberg people, Todd, his uncle, & Lydia. They've been struggling & probably will continue to do so without Walt, who's too hot now to go back anyway. They'll jump at the chance to have the guy Fring sent as a meth cook educator to the Mexican cartel. Jesse is the next best thing to having Walt come back. He's #2 on the Heisenberg Tree

Hank & Gomez will agree because it's a sting. Everybody will go to prison. It might not save Hank's career at this point, but it will put an end to the Heisenberg Syndicate if Jesse is a mole. Once the cops got all those people, maybe even Saul & his crew, Walt will be doomed & have nobody to turn to. One of them will roll over on him. I'm betting Lydia

You take down the network, then you get Bin Laden. Jesse will destroy Walt from the bottom up, & that's why he's destitute, haggard & desperate in the flash forward. He's been on the run. He's the last link. He's Saddam Hussein, & they're closing in

My guess is that the machine gun in Walt's car is for a potential shootout with the cops & the ricin is in case it looks like he'll be taken alive... as in... for himself
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