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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Problem

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I highly, higly doubt that there will any kind of "combined" release in the near future.
...and so you continue to promulgate our powerlessness with defeatism instead of advocating a movement to pressure the studios to change their marketing cynicism. If TrekCore represents fan interests, it has the responsibility to represent all fans, both those who will buy and those who would rather effect change. Yes, even if that means you get fewer click-throughs to "Buy From Amazon" to support your site.

This is your opportunity to explain to us how we could help you do that or how to do it on our own in addition to simply not buying.

Well, I'm sure if all 25 of the people who post in this forum boycott, Paramount will be crippled.

The internet will never be the superweapon that lazy people want it to be.
Yeah, I don't deny the realistic analysis. I just don't appreciate leaving out the alternatives as if there are none.
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