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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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Let's just replace the word "reset" with some random technobabble. Will that make everyone happy? LOL. Honestly, whether or not what happened is a "reset" is completely irrelevant to my feelings on what happened. So if you say it's not a "reset," Kara, that's perfectly fine by me.

By the way, I finished watching "Basics, Part II" on my lunch break. I thought the struggles on the planet (the cavemen, the monster of the week, the baby) were all kind of pointless, except for showing how awesome Janeway is in survival mode. But I loved the scenes of the Voyager landing and the music gave me warm and fuzzies. I thought Darwin had a decent death scene, but I wish they kept him around because I found him interesting. I'd say Part I was far and away a better episode.
So since at the end of the episode they're all back on Voyager as if nothing happened, this is a reset episode too?
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