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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

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Which I guess his character redemption arc is over since now it seems even what's-her-name (Angie?) sort-of trusts him now.

I don't even think there was really any redemption in him. There are times when he's OK, and that's mostly when the public is around, but whenever he gets a chance, he switches to his psycho mode, kind of like Jekyl & Hyde. Like when they were both alone in the barn together, for instance, he was going on about it bringing them together and when she refused to be together with him, he walked out. So, his interests lay elsewhere, and he only came back because of the Dome. If he'd have his way, he'd probably put her back in the shelter. I don't think she trusts him any more than she did before. You can kind of see that when they're having that argument in the barn, and you can see that she gets uncomfortable whenever they end up alone together.

And yeah, definitely puzzled as to how they're going to get a second season out of this. With each passing episode, it becomes clearer that there's a definite end to it. A second season wouldn't be based on the book and would go in its own direction, assuming there's even anything left by the end of season 1. Maybe they'll have to find out that they aren't the only ones living under a dome, with others in different countries.
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