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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

^^^Actually, those kinds of changes/shortcuts are pretty common in film or TV production where money is an issue. It's all about "cheating" to get around the things you can't afford. It only seems extraordinary to people who don't know what the norm is. For instance, Star Wars :
  • Rewritten to get rid of the floating prison (later reinvented as Cloud City) location and all the action there was transplanted to the Death Star to minimize the number of sets, costumes and cost.
  • Changed in editing to reduce Luke and wingmen's two trench runs to one in order to trim down the number of visual effects (you can tell because some of the lines of dialog hint at the missing trench run, e.g. "They're coming in much faster this time. We can't hold them!").
And both had the practical benefit of streamlining the story and action and making the film better.
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