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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I'd stayed away from this thread until I was done with the book, common sense and all, and i just finished it last night. I voted above average, but would have voted for something higher if there was a level between Above Average and Outstanding. I'm a big DRG3 fan, but this wasn't my favorite of his works (Serpents Among the Ruins still holds the title ).

I thought it was a great character piece. At first I didn't really dig the Keev parts, but they really grew on me. I could piture the surroundings and the people and the small pay-off at the end was cool. I can't wait for the next four books in this run, and i'm curious how they'll all tie together.

I remember when i was reading a description of the whole event. It said the all five books take place over a 60 day span. This book was only a week and a bit, so we have plenty more to read about.

I'll miss Nan . She was one of my favorite ongoing lit-only characters, and her absence will be felt deeply. I felt especially bad for Leonard Akaar, especially after reading about how he truly felt about their friendship.

I think DRG3 did a superb job and can't wait to see where the narrative goes next, even if he's not the one to write it. DS9 FOREVER!
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