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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Yeah, I keep hoping Brigadier Bambera will pop up somewhere on the new series.

Personally, I really like "Battlefield." I like all the Arthurian elements. I like the way Morgana tries messing with Ace's head. I like the timey-wimey aspects of the story. (I keep hoping the new series will do a story arc for half a season or so where the Doctor is stranded in Arthurian times and turns into "Merlin," King Arthur's scientific advisor.)

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Just finished The Armageddon Factor, wrapping up The Key to Time. Really, really wish they had managed to save some more of their budget for the final serial; as it is, it's basically a talking head piece with characters doing a lot of walking through tunnels and corridors and staring at screens. The only real disappointment in the season was The Power of Kroll, but Armageddon Factor just didn't have the juice to live up to its potential.

Add to that the fact that once assembled, there's no indication that the Key actually fulfilled its purpose to "restore the balance" before the Doctor dispersed it again...
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only Susan seemed to get the short shift [in "The Aztecs"].
In fairness, Carole Ann Ford was on vacation at the time. In fact, there were 4 stories in a row where each actor took 2 weeks off. Carole Ann Ford & William Russell managed to shoot short film scenes to be inserted into the episodes in "The Aztecs" & "The Reign of Terror." Meanwhile, William Hartnell was completely absent from parts 3 & 4 of "The Keys of Marinus" and Jacqueline Hill was gone for a couple parts of "The Sensorites."
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