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Re: TOS and purely comedic episodes

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I was listening to the commentary on the tribble episode More Tribbles, More Trouble from the Animated Series by the writerof that episode and the Trouble With Tribbles Episode. He stated that they wanted to do the More Tribbles, More Trouble episode for season 3 of TOS. He was told by the guy who replaced Roddenbderry (can't remember the name) that Star Trek doesn't do comedy!
As much as I like Tribbles, and I adore Trials and Tribble-ations, I'm very glad they didn't do another tribble ep in season 3. There are precious few TOS stories as there are to force a sequel to a self-contained story. More Tribbles was a bit light-weight even by TAS standards, and while it capitalized on the strengths of TOS, it didn't really add anything worthwhile in universe.
I agree. I like the DS9 tribute to the tribbles episode but I am glad that original episode is a stand alone episode. It makes it a little more special.
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