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Wolverine & The X-Men (cartoon)

I've just started watching this and have finished the first disc of 9 episodes. I must say that I'm quite pleased with what I've seen so far.

The premises seems to take the Days of Future Past story line and expound upon it in order for this series to work. Which makes it an interesting possible primer for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with this mythos prior to next summers film of the same name. True the '90's animated series did a great multi episode stint on it as well.

For those who've not seen it the set up is that someone attacks the school, centered on Charles location, and he vanishes along with Jean. This causes the school and X-Men to disband. Scott essentially is sulking and in no shape to lead, in distress over Jean. Storm goes back to Africa, Rogue joins up with the Brotherhood, Shadowcat is going to go to Genosha(head up by Magneto), Bobby/Iceman returns home to Boston and Kurt/Nightcrawler is off doing his own thing.

Wolverine feels things have to be set right. Charles must be found if he's not dead, which Beast gives reason for him not to be. In the first 3 eps they start to get the team back. There are standalone episodes that feature Gambit( a fav episode), Storm, Nightcrawler and a few with Rogue on the wrong side. The Hulk episode was a nice diversion from the storyline for one episode as well. Emma Frost joins up and using Cerebro is able to locate Charles, but not Jean for some reason. Charles is on....Genosha?? Wolverine and his team take off half cocked off course and Magneto explains that Charles strangely appeared on the shores of Genosha in the coma state you see him.

Charles, awakened 20yrs in the future finds that Senator Kelly, Trask and the Mutant Response Division have turned the world into a war zone. Charles, using a Cerebro there in the future, sends messages back through time to Logan giving him instructions on how to undo this future so it doesn't come to pass.

Was wondering what the general opinions on this series was, seeing as it only went one 26 episode season. Was it terminated for the same reason as Spectacular Spiderman? The Disney purchase of Marvel, ratings or other?
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