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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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^ In the episode after "Deadlock," instead of dealing with a massively disabled ship that would seemingly take weeks or even months to repair, and also trying to gain distance from Vidiian space without being captured, in the next episode it's like none of that ever happened and the ship is in perfect condition. That's the reset.

It's not unusual. It happens in every Trek series. I was just disappointed because I had hopes for the story to continue where it left off as it potentially could have.
that's not what one traditionaly calls a reset. A reset is an episode like Year of Hell, where at the end, you're back at the beginning and nothing happened. Otherwise every episode is a reset
It is a reset in that it allowed massive, spectacular harm to come to the characters without significant consequences. Indeed, had their been no duplicate ship, the premise of the show would have been entirely undermined by the events represented in the episode. Indeed, this use of alternative realities is classic reset button. ETA: It is certainly no less a reset button than Visionary.
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