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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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I'd have to watch it again as this might not be right but I figured all the Jacks probably had their own hidden cabins but only the one had met the other which is why he sought the other one's cabin instead of his own (if that makes any sense) so there wouldn't necessarily be a bunch showing up.
Actually it was probably only because the other Jack saw his wife that he decided to seek her out later on. The other Jacks never encountered her so probably wouldn't have felt the need.

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What really impressed me was the idea of taking a bunch of cameras up a mountain and have them film the surroundings 24/7. Then they used the material as the background for their skyhouse and only the light emanating from the screens as the lighting for the scenes. Brilliant idea and a great effect.
Yeah I was surprised to read that the entire scenic backdrop around the house was projected, and not a CG effect. Must have been an amazing set to be on.
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