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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

I found Investigations to be a huge let down. Neelix really shows how self absorbed he is in this episode. He decides he's an expert journalist and pokes and prods everywhere in pursuit of HIS story, even when he's asked not to. Not only does he repeatedly bother everyone who are doing some fairly important stuff, but he then decides he has the right to search people's quarters, falsify identifications, then smears a good man's name just to make a headline. Not to mention the whole Jonas storyline was a letdown. I was kinda stoked by the continuity build up and then... the storyline just flops, complete with the silly villain charging over the precipice bit.

Deadlock is a classic reset button push. Everything is the same at the end as it was at the beginning of the episode. Heck, all that damage is even magically repaired by the next episode. Good episode, but the reset button was pushed. Continuity was never one of Voyager's strengths.

The Thaw was easily the best episode of season 2. That clown was actually threatening without being a parody. Of course it's poor Harry Kim he targets too, but it's amusing to no end that Janeway conquers fear. Her crew members will be fearing her for the next five years, so it was good practice.

Resolutions? Well I can see why the J/C shippers like the episode, but it never did much for me... what kind of virus doesn't kill you if you don't leave it's breeding ground again? Did that writer even look up what a virus does? And you can tell Jeri Taylor had her hand in this one being the crew is completely wrecked to the ability of not being able to function over the loss of Janeway, even weeks later.

Basics I... well sometimes this crew just deserves what they get. Apparently Kazon blood is combustible though. I guess that's useful. But whatever else, the cliff hanger is good. The Kazon have the ship, the crew is stranded, and there's a serial killer on the loose. Since you haven't seen part 2, I'll just stop there.
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