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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

I liked it.. it's no 2001 or Star Wars but it is a solid movie with a nice twist (if you ignore some plot/logic holes but you have to do that with pretty much most movies these days).

I absolutely loved the production design.. the insect shaped flyer, the combat drones and their living quarters were awesome to look at.

What really impressed me was the idea of taking a bunch of cameras up a mountain and have them film the surroundings 24/7. Then they used the material as the background for their skyhouse and only the light emanating from the screens as the lighting for the scenes. Brilliant idea and a great effect.

The twist was cool once you got the big picture and i liked how one dimensional the alien AI was when it took memories and reintegrated them into its routine for the mop up crew it used to operate/maintain the machines.

It'll not become a classic but it is still a watchable movie.
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