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Re: Continuity in star trek?

I'm probably going to wander up to the used video store in the next half hour, and I think they do have some GoT episodes there. I may have to decide whether I can afford a season of it, or build up my Star Trek collection instead. Just shuffled my month's worth of money around, so we'll see.

EDIT: Well, I had to pass. I didn't see any season 1 GoT sets, and the used sets they did have were over $50, which is more than I want to pay for used. Then I remembered I was wanting to save for TOS complete in time for Christmas or my birthday in January. They had a 1st season TOS remastered for $25, but I had to resist. Though I almost weakened when I saw some four-episode sets from Gerry Anderson's Supercar for $8 each.

I might wind up ordering a TOS Phaser that I saw on Amazon instead.
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