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Re: The Borg in Assimilation2

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^I wouldn't expect a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover to be in continuity with either series, so I don't see why that would be a consideration.
Because Star Trek exists as fiction in the Doctor's universe?
Also because they have fundamentally different laws of nature, histories, alien races and planets, and storytelling sensibilities. As a rule, different science fiction universes don't go together because too many fundamentals of the worldbuilding just aren't compatible. You'd be hard-pressed to find any two SF universes that could genuinely fit in the same reality; usually any crossover attempts require cheating by ignoring a lot of mutual inconsistencies, and thus don't truly fit well into either universe. (We talked about that some in this thread.) That's particularly the case here, since ST has usually tried to be a relatively grounded and naturalistic universe with a strong continuity (although it hasn't always lived up to that) whereas DW has always been pure fantasy without a trace of interest in realism and a casual approach to continuity at best.

For example, DC Comics characters exist as fiction in the Marvel Comics reality, but that hasn't stopped multiple stories where heroes from both universes meet one another.
But again, you're dealing with a lower standard of realism there. I mean, in '60s and '70s Marvel Comics, Lee and Kirby and the other creators often wrote themselves into the comics as comic-book writers telling stories about the superheroes. The fourth wall barely existed. Star Trek has never been -- and, to me, should absolutely never be -- that fanciful.

Heck, according to some writers, aspects of Trek exist as fiction in its own universe, via the writings of Benny Russell!
And I've never understood why anyone would think Benny Russell actually existed, rather than simply being an illusion created in Sisko's mind. I mean, the characters that surrounded Benny were too close a parallel to the people in Sisko's life, not only playing similar roles but often having similar names.

At most, the episode was metatextual, trying to challenge our assumptions and make us wonder if maybe DS9 was the illusion rather than the reality, Tommy Westphall-style. Like that Buffy episode where she was told she'd been in an asylum and hallucinated all the vampire-slaying, and it was left a little unclear whether that might actually be true. But you can't have it both ways. If you accept the Trek universe as real, then Benny Russell wasn't. If you accept Benny as real, then the Trek universe isn't.
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