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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

The Borg ALWAYS had representatives, in nearly all their stories.

Q Who? Had Q and Guinan serve as their "reps". Explaining the Borg to the Feds.

BOBW had Locutus.

I, Borg and Descent had Hugh and Lore.

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^Isn't that the problem? The Borg are supposed to be more advanced than the Federation. As such wouldn't we norm ally expect the more advanced party to win most of the time?

I'm sure the Q with a snap of their fingers could destroy a Borg cube but the Q are more advanced than the Borg.
The Dominion were more advanced than the Feds too. No one complained when they turned out to be more equal when it came to fighting.

If the 8472 were introduced in TNG, then no one would complain that a species existed that could fight the Borg. Being introduced in VOY is what had people disliking them.

Out of curiosity, what are they (leaving aside those species who have evolved beyond corporeal existence, like the Metrons, the Q, etc., species that wouldn't engage in armed combat)
In TOS they had things like the Doomsday Machine, or V'Ger, or the Whale Probe. All of those things were more powerful than the Borg.

In TNG they had things like Nagilum, or the leftover tech from the T'Kon Empire, stuff like that. All more powerful than the Borg.

What was strange was that they were so afraid of the Borg to begin with, when they already knew there were worse things out there.
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