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Re: Homeworld is back with Hardware...I mean, Homeworld: Shipbreakers

Been following this, got my fingers crossed!

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I don't know. In recent years, Gearbox hasn't exactly had a great track record when it comes to their handling of someone else's IP. Plus this looks like it'll be a traditional planet bound RTS, which to me spells "Homeworld in name only."
It's early days, but its certainly got the feel of Homeworld. And Gearbox, if what they're saying remains true, is taking a hands off approach and just letting Blackbird do their thing with Shipbreakers so who knows.

As far as the HD versions go; as I understand it they legally can't do anything with Cataclysm as it was originally developed by a third party. No big deal IMO. While I thought it was OK, it always had a certain apocryphal feel next to the other two games.
I don't know, that's kind of how I felt about Homeworld 2. It took a lot of liberties with what had happened before. Not a bad game, but it felt more like what someone thought a HW game should be rather than a HW game.
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