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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

I'm familiar with this article (commendable in-depth analysis and research) but this wouldn't be the first time I'd have to tell Bernd that I find some conclusions detestable:

"The ship obviously wasn't carefully designed by ILM."

The ship was carefully designed for an overall length of 120 meters and the last scene of an Oberth at the end of ST VII is obviously a testament to that.

Correct conclusion: The size of the ship was obviously altered for TNG applications.

If anybody is to blame for presenting the ship at a scale other than intended, it's those responsible for the presentation of TNG (probably had to do something with small TV sizes back in the early 1990's)

Then this: "120m - two decks The very small Oberth has all the problems listed above. The only benefit of this size is that it would match with the small "Generations" Oberth, but it would not be inhabitable."

Why would it not be inhabitable?!? Because there's no space to allow for turbo lift travel through the pylons? There's not even any visual evidence in Grissom's bridge footage from ST III that the vessel had a turbo lift. And with a ship that small that shouldn't be surprising as you could also use ladders and Jefferies Tubes to reach any location aboard the vessel within a few minutes.

That's how I feel about it. For TNG we need a bigger version, as suggested by the Pegasus' airlock / docking ring (that's something that needs to be added to the article and should determine the actual TNG size)

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