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Re: TrekBBS movie ranking thread!

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I don't know of ANYONE who thinks Batman and Robin are better than any of the Nolan films. It's pretty much regarded as one of the worse superhero films of all time and one that killed the franchise for a time.
Oh, I can think of at one poster on this very board who will tell you at great length how BATMAN & ROBIN is better than the Nolan films which he hates with a blazing, incandescent passion.

Not going to name names, because I don't feel like baiting him, but, trust me, there are people who feel that way . . . .
I'd say the number of people who prefer Batman & Robin over the Nolan trilogy is about the same number of people who prefer peanut butter on their pizza over pepperoni. I never doubted that there would be someone somewhere who would disagree, just that I've never met them and even if I did, they are still in the extreme minority on that view.

I would guess that the only reason for that preference is if they preferred lighter or campier superheroes and thought the Nolan trilogy was too dark and serious. Taste is subjective, and I sometimes enjoy things that I know are of a lower quality, story-wise, just because they're more fun, or I'll dislike a well-written but overly violent movie because I don't like a lot of violence in movies that I watch.
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