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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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What excessive overhead and bottom space are you referring to? The show was composed for that aspect ratio. No space is wasted.
Again, the series was composed for 4:3 television and therefore came with the inevitable compromise (to make sure you cover all the action on the bridge from left to right) that you have image areas overhead and especially at the bottom ("crutch" space) with really not that much worth showing.

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How would the TNG directors shoot the series in widescreen assuming they theoretically could travel back in time?
They'd shoot it differently. Shots would be framed and composed differently. More 'spread out', less vertical layering, much like they did for Generations.

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That's the important point, they didn't do that on TNG. They didn't compose their shots to look right in widescreen, so if you forcefully alter it to a widescreen format after the fact, then you're making it look worse, because the compositions will be wrong for that shape.
We could just use the screencap I just linked and wonder how the director Corey Allen would have had positioned a "widescreen" camera. Probably exactly like in the 4:3 image but with less overhead and crutch space.

Admittedly, the issue becomes more problematic in close-up shots but chances that studio equipment are cluttering the unseen areas of the camera negatives in such shots would be rather negligible.

Anyway, it's a good thing TNG has been made available in 4:3 (and not in an aspect ratio according to original plans "this time for the next generation"...). There will come a time when 4:3 will no longer sell as good as it still does.

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