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Thoughts on Season 2

I'm going through my first re-watch since the first run of the show (having not seen all of the episodes the first time through). I had a review thread started, but once I realized how much work is involved in a review thread, I couldn't keep going. Hats off to all of those who have made it through your own review threads!

I did want to make a couple of observations about season 2. There are lots of episodes worth commenting upon, but I'm just going to concentrate on a few episodes toward the end of the season.

I thought "Investigations" was quite good despite the boring title. I thought they could have stretched it over 2 or more episodes, and I thought they could have kept Jonas in the brig or just done something other than end his treachery so abruptly after spending so many episodes showing him feeding info to Seska. I was never clear on his motives and I wanted to hear from him directly. Maybe the writers were never clear either, so they shut him up! So I thought they could have wrapped it all up better, but I still think it was a good episode.

Then "Deadlock" started out to be really awesome. I was thinking "this is more like it!" The ship is suffering and no one knows why, characters are shown working together in truly dangerous situations, explosions everywhere, Harry Kim is killed, what more could you ask for! But then it turned into another technobabble is the reason, technobabble is the solution episode. Face-palm. But I had high hopes at the end when the practically disabled Voyager was the one that carried on. I imagined the next episode would be stellar! Their ship is severely damaged and they're in the middle of Vidiian space. How were they going to get out of this one? Well, we found out how they got out of it (the writers at least). Reset. The twist was wasted.

"The Thaw" reminded me of something we could have easily seen on TOS, right down to the production value, "fear" becoming an actual character, and just the insanity of the situation. I swear it could have been a TOS episode. I wish I had a recording of the episode without music so I could edit in some TOS music! I'm not knocking it, because I actually enjoyed the episode even though it was trippin'.

"Resolutions" was almost my dream come true. I so wanted Janeway and Chakotay to get together. And they were almost there until Harry Kim went and messed everything up. He should have stayed on the duplicate Voyager and died with the other crew. By they way - when did he grow a pair? That came out of nowhere.

"Basics, Part I" is the last episode I've watched. And yes, there are some plot holes and some WTF moments, but overall THIS is the Voyager I would have tuned in for week after week! Very nice! I'm looking forward to Part II!
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