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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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I'm all for going back personally, rather than sitting through another Into Darkness, which basically used the same story and just switched characters when it came to 'Who dies of radiation poisoning' and piled in a load of CGI explosions etc.
That's ridiculous. Into Darkness has almost NONE of the story of any other Trek movie.
I liked Into Darkness. I took it as a homage movie for seasoned trekkies and a catch up for newbies. With that said, you say it has almost NONE of the story of any Trek movies, as if NuKirk wasn't following TOS Kirk's style, or that Klingon/Human relations weren't shaky, or that section 31 didn't exist, or that Carol wasn't standing up there, or that Starfleet Headquarters wasn't in San Fransisco, or that the Admirals weren't using the same Admiral outfits we've seen before, or that Spock didn't do a mind meld, or that the didn't quickly bring up Harcourt Mudd and that Mudd incident (I caught that in theaters). I can go on but hopefully you get the point.

There you go, there's the 'many many more' I was talking about
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