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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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So all that's left for Star Trek for the rest of it's existence is Kirk and Spock reboots? I doubt that would be a financially sound idea. Also there is more than a few hundred Star Trek online subscribers, not to mention fans into books, the remaining old fans who, and the new fans who would check it out. Even the worst movies do better than a few hundred viewers, which I don't think a Star Trek movie without any familiar faces could do as badly. I would like to know how you found that statistic.
Again you are talking from a position of a seasoned trek fan who is sentlemental about the TV material you grew up watching.

What you are willing to invest your time and money to see is not the same as what millions of others are interested in.
You're still speculating. Did you talk to the millions of people?
Call it what you want, I can say that a very bad and uncharismatic singer on X-Factor will probably be very risky to invest millions in promotion and a record deal, so it wont happen.

Your sentimental bias of 90's B&B Trek is the same as those early x-factor contestants who really believe they are the next star and that the world is too stupid to realise it.
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