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Has anyone played "Lords of Waterdeep"?

Hubby was watching it played on "Tabletop" and he is really keen to get it. He said it has won a whole string of awards as well. So, can someone here who actually played it give ma a review?

My friend went out and bought it after the Tabletop episode and I'll be playing it this Friday so I'll be able to add to Capt. Vulcan's feedback.

Just a general thing, I've discovered another board game devoted site called The Dice Tower. It's pretty cool, they do a lot of podcasts which I don't really listen to but I've checked out some of their videos. They did a series this year of Top Ten, for example Top Ten Game Mechanics We Hate, Top Ten Overrated Games, Top Ten Co-op Game etc. After watching them my board game wishlist on Amazon has jumped to almost 100 items!

I see that the 2013 version of Pandemic is only 26 on Amazon at the moment so I'm probably going to pick that up this month, may get Forbidden Island as well since it's only 12 on there.
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