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I know we already got one "Art of Star Trek" book, but the section devoted to TOS is pretty skimpy, and I'd love to see a much more extensive one for TOS, with many more pictures of props, sets, costumes, etc (although I realize most of that stuff has been sold off by now so it would probably be difficult to do).
You know they had to do concept sketches of pretty much everything before it was built or made. Is all that material lost? I think we've only seen a small portion of it.
A lot of TOS concept art and sketches can be found in "The Star Trek Sketchbook".
Yeah, we know. I have that book since it was first released. But I supect they were selective about what they put in there. MJ and the rest of the creative time have been referenced as making countless drawings. What is in the Sketchbook is scratching the surface.
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