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Re: Assignment: Earth - Is it Really a Star Trek Episode?

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I thought The Man from UNCLE was quite good in its first two seasons. Remember, they were basically trying to do James Bond on a weekly TV budget. I liked the premise of a covert international organization that transcended global politics, with an American and a Russian agent working side by side at the height of the Cold War.
They weren't exactly trying to do Bond. That's how it started out -- Ian Fleming actually created Napoleon Solo, and the show was going to be called Ian Fleming's Solo until there was a falling-out over rights -- but it quickly evolved in a more comical direction (years before the Bond movies themselves did so).

Besides, what they tried to do has no bearing on how well they did it. My issue is not with the budget or the production values, but with the writing. There are some good episodes in the mix, but a lot of weak or lame ones. My blog reviews go into the specifics of what I liked and didn't like.
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