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Re: Was Roddenberry a Terrible Writer?

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Hurley was the sole showrunner for season 2? Really? You learn something new everyday!
I don't know about "sole." Roddenberry still had influence over the show at that point, and he and Hurley were reportedly close friends. But Hurley was the one running the writers' room on a day-to-day basis, I gather, which is presumably why season 2's writing was more solid and consistent than the mess of season 1, though not as good as it got when Michael Piller took over in season 3.

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Back on topic: has anybody brought up PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW as an example of GR's writing talent? Pretty sure that is his only feature credit.
Well, his only feature credit as a screenwriter, yes (he produced TMP). Unfortunately I've never seen that one. I recall it's notable as one of the first feature films to have nude scenes after the creation of the MPAA ratings system and the lifting of the previous blanket censorship on adult content. Not surprising that Roddenberry would've been involved in something like that.

On another topic, look what I found while searching GR's credits on IMDb:

It's a failed 1962 TV pilot Roddenberry wrote, evidently a cop show called A.P.O. 923. The lead character is Captain Philip Pike, and the second lead is called Lt. Edward Jellicoe! No surprise that Roddenberry reused character names a lot, but he was dead by the time the character of Captain Edward Jellico was created for ST:TNG (by Frank Abatemarco and Ron Moore). Just coincidence, or did someone dredge up this bit of Roddenberry trivia and decide to pay an homage?
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