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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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^ I introduced my non-Trek friends to Star Trek a few months ago. We watched the Borg episodes in a marathon and FC. A number of them (5 out of 6) concurred that the addition of the Borg Queen was stupid and weakend the concept of the Borg. This is from NON-FANS. When I told them it only gets worse in VOY where the Queen shows up repeatedly and with a weaker presence each time they groaned.

The Queen can be airlocked from the series forever for all I care. I wouldn't be surprised if the collective staged a coup and usurped her for being a ineffective and incompetent leader. Episodes like Q Who, TBOBW, Scorpion, and Regeneration all perform wonderfully without the Queen. She is not an essential staple of the Borg mythos.

With regards to FC however, I think the film still works well with her inclusion. The opening fight scene shows a massive cube shooting down starships left and right. When the Enterprise shows up and before Picard gives the order to fire, you can see a few more ships burst in to flames before the ships launch a volley of torpedo and phaser fire. The Borg Queen has very little presence in FC. It's the drones we see doing all the work and fighting in the film. The Queen is just there to give Data someone to talk to in the cutaways from the flight of the Phoneix and enemy intruder stories going on.

Also this was posted by TrekCore a few months ago. In an interview Brannon Braga talks about the Borg.

"TrekCore: You've addressed one of the things have "against you", time travel. The other one is the Borg. A lot of fans say that "Braga de-fanged the Borg" in Voyager by making them less of a threat. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think there's anything behind that, or were they the same as they were in The Next Generation?

Brannon Braga: I think that, for the most part, the Borg were a very successful villain on Voyager. I don't think they were... They were "de-fanged" only in so much as they kept getting their asses kicked! Once the Borg lose enough times... which is why in this comic book that I'm going, I have them win. At least, from the beginning, they finally achieve their goals.

That's the danger when you keep bringing them back. I think we brought them back, maybe, twice too many. There were a couple Borg episodes I don't think were quite as successful. I don't remember the finale well enough... I think I have a story credit on it, so you'd think I'd remember it. I don't know that the Borg were super impactful there.

I think Seven of Nine should have bit the dust. I think there had to be a real sacrifice for this crew getting home; a real blood sacrifice. Seven of Nine was, for me, designed to be a character that was gonna die tragically. I planned that."

Full interview here:
again, it's one of those times where people say oh they got destroyed a lot, but when you ask for specific times tey can't give you any. People like to say the borg got their asses kicked on voyager a lot, but nobody can ever name more than one or two times where voyager was up against a small or weakened vessel
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