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Re: VOY Caption Contest 112: Restraints, Cows, Kimsanity!

Thanks for the Captionated...

Chakotay: "It's the Heimlich manouevre, honest. She's choking on a bit of leola root. The hypospray is just... Nothing to see here. Dismissed!"

EMH: "I'm a hologram. I don't need the Heimlich manouevre!"

Paris: "Taste good?"
Janeway: "Mmm! Oh... wow... You know that bit in the Matrix Reloaded... in the Merovingian's restaurant?"
Harry: "TMI Captain... TMI!"

Cow thinking: "Ewww. I'm gonna need the Heimlich Manouevre after this..."

Harry: "Doc, you gotta do something. She tried to self-Heimlich!"
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