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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Consider the full ramifications of what may have happened based on further stories: If the Federation and the Klingons went to war, they would be extremely weakened by the time the Borg invasion was launched in masse. The likelihood of surviving the Borg invasion would have been significantly less — possibly near zero, given the number of separate individual actions that were needed for Alpha and Beta quadrant powers to ultimately prevail against devastating losses.
This argument is not convincing:
As per 'destiny', the chances of surviving a massive borg invasion were already practically 0*. And 10, 100 or 1000 ships more or less would not have influenced these chances to any significant degree.

What would have influenced the chances of survival positively would be new weapons - weaponising technologies/knowledge we know starfleet gained during its explorations (the most obvious - but far from unique - in trek lit being the taurus reach data - the utter incompetence starfleet demonstrated in dealing with this data borders on betrayal).
And a federation klingon war could have been just the event to spark such research projects.

*Starfleet's actions played no role in escaping annihilation beyond a ship randomly finding the caeliar and being a taxi service for a caeliar.

Given the situation as the characters knew at the time and given the events to come, is the likely destruction of all non-Borg life in the galaxy worth bringing Zife to justice via proper channels (and later the conspirators that removed an obvious cancer from leadership)? Many American leaders and jurists have noted that the U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact and that the duty to self-preservation can be higher than the strict adherence to what is referred to the highest law in the land. Consider President Gerald Ford's pardoning of his predecessor Richard Nixon. Nixon had resigned and was out of power, but further pursuit of justice could have fractured the country further.
Consider the prime directive and how it is applied in the 24th century. For the federation, the prime directive IS a suicide pact.

And, as shown, invoking the borg here does not help the point you're trying to make.

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As far as the whole "it's meant to setup other books" argument... It is my belief that every book should be its own complete story. Even if there are threads left open for sequels, each and every book should be its own entity, able to stand on its own. This book cannot do so.

A horrible waste of time and dead trees. If this was an episode of a Trek television show, it would have been a "clip show". You know, the ones that recycle footage from previous episodes to make up the majority of the content. Often this comes in the form of flashbacks, "remember when". Usually this is to save on a season's production budget. Wonder what the excuse was for this novel.[...]

In fact, if you were to compare this to a 1-hour television show, the first 50 minutes would have been "Previously on Star Trek: Boring," with the final 10 minutes setting up a cliff-hanger. It wouldn't be good TV, and it's not good reading.[...]
Agreed. This book is a poor trek lit entry.
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