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Civilian-oriented PBEM/forum game?

Time for another post in what seems to be an ever-more-hopeless quest.

I know there's a thread for sims advertising for players, but I'm a player looking for a sim, so I hope this is okay. I've also searched through that thread, and there doesn't appear to be anything active that's close to what I'm looking for.

Been out of the game for a couple of years since the last PBeMs I was in went under, I'd like to get back into it, but I really would like something that isn't the traditional Starfleet sim. My favorite experiences have always been on mainly civilian sims, or ones where there was heavy civilian focus. But sims like Siencia Colony, Kal-Dixas, Junction Point, SS Walkabout and SS Warden are few and far between and hard to find.

Other than the one in Obsidian Fleet, does anyone know of an active sim that focuses on civilians? Much as I'd rather stick with indy sims, I have looked through all the Fleets and groups I could find, and I've come up empty. And finding sims that aren't part of one of the big fleets or groups is rather difficult.

I can always go back to Starfleet if I have to, but like I said, I've had much more fun over the years with civilian sims. A colony, an independent outpost, a cargo ship... something like that. They're the best I've ever experienced.

My search is getting kind of desperate, and any help would be most appreciated.
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