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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

If I could vote for something worse than poor, I would do it. I registered for an account, after years of lurking, just to vote poor.

As far as the whole "it's meant to setup other books" argument... It is my belief that every book should be its own complete story. Even if there are threads left open for sequels, each and every book should be its own entity, able to stand on its own. This book cannot do so.

A horrible waste of time and dead trees. If this was an episode of a Trek television show, it would have been a "clip show". You know, the ones that recycle footage from previous episodes to make up the majority of the content. Often this comes in the form of flashbacks, "remember when". Usually this is to save on a season's production budget. Wonder what the excuse was for this novel.

Well, that's what most of this book was. Remember when. If you cut out all of the clips, you'd be left with a short story about some Bajorans, an assassination, and a description of the new DS9 starbase. So... about 50 pages or so.

In fact, if you were to compare this to a 1-hour television show, the first 50 minutes would have been "Previously on Star Trek: Boring," with the final 10 minutes setting up a cliff-hanger. It wouldn't be good TV, and it's not good reading.

Look, I understand that there's a lot of backstory for the characters and events in this universe. But devoting that much space to it is ridiculous. I don't want to pay for stories I've already seen, or paid for and read in the past!

I don't need a play-by-play of Sisko's first encounter with the Prophets, with commentary by Kira. I don't need to read through Sisko and Yates playing "remember when" about their marriage. How many pages were devoted to Sisko's daughter's weirdness, without any of it being used in the story? I want a new story! That's why I bought a new book! If I wanted this retread, I'd have gone back to read the other books.

There's a murder mystery here waiting to be told... but it doesn't even start until 80% through the book. Forget about wrapping it up by that point. I knew by then that I was either going to get the most unmysterious murder ever, or I'd be left with a cliff-hanger the likes of which I'd never seen before. I mean, how many authors would dare to start their story hundreds of pages into a novel, then tell the readers to buy the next one if they want to find out what happened? I was righteously pissed before I ever reached the end, because I knew what was coming.

What a waste. My advice, wait for this to hit the bargain bin, or buy it secondhand. Or better yet, pick it up from your local library.

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