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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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The way I see it it's the difference of watching an image with excessive overhead and bottom space (4:3) on a display device (16:9) it was never meant for.
I wouldn't necessarily call 5% extra image all around excessive. And I think CBS made the right choice in remastering the show with the TV Trans area for three key reasons:
  1. It matches the transmission area that was broadcast from 1987-1994.
  2. It matches the image area that was presented on DVD starting in 2002.
  3. It prevents overcropping on the majority of flat screens today that ship with overscan turned on by default.
1. and 2. were taking the overscan of then still popular 4:3 tube TV sets into account. With 3. it's really a question of what kind of flat screen you are using.
I'd dare to say that those sad examples of Joe Sixpacks mentioned here (i.e. stretching the 4:3 images horizontally to fill their screens) wouldn't give a damn whether their images would be overcropped or not.
On the other hand, I'd expect all fans to put such an emphasis on OAR etc. to use flat screens with 1:1 pixel mapping as this is the only way to ensure perfect picture resolution. Apparently, CBS didn't consider this and now these expendable overscan areas at the top and bottom, the directors didn't want us to see, show up on every properly calibrated flat screen.

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If CBS didn't produce a "tasteful 16:9 version" of TOS-R -- that is, meticulously re-frame every live-action shot for widescreen -- I wouldn't expect them to do the same for TNG.
The way TOS was shot, including more close-up shots of actors and sets (i.e. Bridge) makes it unsuitable for a 16:9 reformatting, IMHO.

I feel that's quite differently with TNG. We may just take the can't-do-widescreen-sample of this "educational" shot (with the equipment left and right) from "Lonely Among US" and extract the 16:9 frame out of it. I'm confident we wouldn't loose any crucial picture information.

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