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Homeworld is back with Hardware...I mean, Homeworld: Shipbreakers

In the last couple of days news has surfaced that there is going to be a new game in this popular RTS franchise and that game is Homeworld: Shipbreakers.

It seems Gearbox has licensed the name to Blackbird Interactive, who were developing a game called Hardware: Shipbreakers. BBI seems to have a number of people who worked on the Homeworld series and their videos for their game definitely shows it.

Here is their teaser for their original titled game:

Not much in the way of details, but it was being built as a F2P RTS. Now, that isn't exactly what I wanted to hear coupled with "new Homeworld game", but at least after so many years of rumoured new Homeworld games it looks like finally the fans of the series will get what they wanted.

Also, I missed the Gearbox announcement nearly 2 months ago that they are working on HD versions of 1 and 2 (nothing on Cataclysm). Don't think there are any set release dates for these new versions yet.

I was on the fence about Gearbox getting the franchise after THQ went bust, but I've got to say at least they are doing something with it. Now crossing my fingers and hoping Interplay will be announcing they are going to do something with the IP they got off THQ as well.
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