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Re: VOY Caption Contest 112: Restraints, Cows, Kimsanity!

Chakotay: I've been waiting seven years for this moment!
Janeway: Seven years of plotting and this is your plan? Pft... amateur. Tuvok, get the flogging whip ready.

Celebrating 12 days without a workplace suicide.

Kim: I'm going to be sick.
Janeway: Ugh...
Paris: Another typical end of the month when no one has any replicator rations. Leola desert. That hedgehog can ruin anything....

When Harry told Tom he had a thing for ground beef, this wasn't what he had in mind. Just another day in the shameful existence that is Harry Kim's life.

Kim: She told me to remove my clothes!
Seven: Afterwards, Ensign Kim insisted we see you...
EMH: Thank God I'm a Doctor and not a therapist... I'd need dozens of counseling subroutines to even begin to unravel what's wrong with you.
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