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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 80; The woes of Miles Edward O'Brien

Evek: Chief O'brien, you're charged with--
O'brien: Let me guess. Fabricated charges of smuggling? Torture? A show trial? My wife testifying against me?
Evek: No... you're speeding. Please don't pass warp 5 while traveling through Cardassian space.

O'brien: Hmm, I was always afraid Molly would like big balls too much when she got older.

O'brien: This is my third worst vacation ever!

O'brien: My wife is a demon who's out to make my life miserable captain! She's blackmailing me--
Sisko: You say this every other day, Chief... now's not the time.

O'brien: I don't know whether to be resigned to death, or happy you're going to die first.
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